Elizabeth Bathory, The Queen Of Blood

One of history's most scandalous criminals was Elizabeth Bathory, a vain and beautiful woman. Her ghastly deeds rival those of the worst serial killlers ever known. She has been classified as a vampire because she was known to bite her victims and bathe in their blood.

Elizabeth was born into a rich and powerful family in 1560. At 15, she married Count Ferencz Nadasdy. Elizabeth had always been a cruel and sadistic person. While the Count was away at war, she discovered that she particularly enjoyed torturing her servants. After her husband died, she worried about looking old. Somehow she became convinced tha fresh blood would keep her looking young and beautiful.

To provide for her daily blood bath, more than 600 women were murdered. In 1610, the authorities investigated the count's widow. What they learned about her horrified them. Yet because of her royal standing, Elizab
eth couldn't be brought to trial. Instead, she was isolated in a small room in her castle. Only a tiny opening was provided so that food could be passed to her. After four years in that room, she died in 1614

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